Dents & Dings Repairs Leeds

Dents and Dings

There can be a hugh difference between a dent and a ding.  If a dent can be repaired we will always price to do this, however if our assesment identifies that the damaged panel won't look right after repair we will provide you with the cost of the relevant part for you and give you a price to fit and paint a new panel.

  • Dents
  • Dings

Car Scrapes Repairs Leeds


Scrapes can often look at lot worse than they actually are, as the scrape usually takes all the paint off in the area you have damaged.  This scrape can often go through the paint down to bare metal.  These scrapes can be repaired and painted at a very competitive price.

There are many ways in which we can get a scrape on our car, for instance ,reversing out of the drive, catching the edge of a wall, mis calculating the gap on the drive and catching the garden gatepost always seem to be the most popular.

Car Scratches Repairs Leeds

Scratches are something we have all had to deal with on our cars at some point, whether its from a childs bike handle, a key scratch, coin scratch someone vandalising your car by running a screwdriver or sharp object down the side of the car or quite simply a trolley in a supermarket scraping past your car.

All types of scratches can be repaired, some scratches if not too deep can be flatted and buffed out ,please feel free to call us for a free quote or alternately take a photo of the damage to your car and forward it in either a text message to 07966005645,or scan it and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Scratches
  • Coin Scratch
  • Screwdriver down side

Car Bumper Repairs Leeds

Bumper / Colour Coded Bumper

Repairing and painting bumpers is one of the most common jobs we undertake for customers.  At some point in our lives most drivers have had the misfortune of scraping a bumper on a wall edge or by cracking or spliting the bumper whilst trying to get out of a tight parking space.  Most bumpers can be repaired, but on the odd occasion the bumper can not be repaired we can supply and fit you a new bumper at a very competitive price.

  • Bumper Scrape
  • Colour Coded Bumper
  • Bumper Splits

Trolley Dings & Supermarket Car Park Dents Leeds

The most popular type of dents we do are usually ones from car supermarkets when someone has opened a car door on to your car, or from a trolley ding/dent, most of these can easily be repaired and in some cases whilst you wait.

If you have a large dent on your car for example if someone has kicked one of your doors or you have had an accident with another car, its always worth enquiring to see if it can be repaired before pricing new panels up,obviously repairing the panel will be much cheaper than replacing it with new and can sometimes save you claiming from your insurance.

Trolley Dings are not as common as a scratch or a scuff, however we do get customers who still get "mysterious" dents appearing on their car, after arriving back at the car after a shoping trip or a visit in a car park.

These car park accidents can also be a result of car doors opening on one another.

Some of these trolly ding and car park dent repairs can be done whilst you wait at a low cost.

  • Trolly ding
  • Car park dents
  • Supermarket scratch

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