Trolley Dings & Supermarket Car Park Dents Leeds

The most popular type of dents we do are usually ones from car supermarkets when someone has opened a car door on to your car, or from a trolley ding/dent, most of these can easily be repaired and in some cases whilst you wait.

If you have a large dent on your car for example if someone has kicked one of your doors or you have had an accident with another car, its always worth enquiring to see if it can be repaired before pricing new panels up,obviously repairing the panel will be much cheaper than replacing it with new and can sometimes save you claiming from your insurance.

Trolley Dings are not as common as a scratch or a scuff, however we do get customers who still get "mysterious" dents appearing on their car, after arriving back at the car after a shoping trip or a visit in a car park.

These car park accidents can also be a result of car doors opening on one another.

Some of these trolly ding and car park dent repairs can be done whilst you wait at a low cost.

  • Trolly ding
  • Car park dents
  • Supermarket scratch

Shopping Trolly Ding

Does your car look like it has been through a war zone at your local super market?  Lets us repair them super market dings and make your car look like new again.

Stone Chips

Stone chips on your bonnet from all that motorway driving? Lets us put the shine back into your sales car.


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