Car Scuffs Leeds

Scuffs are more commonly associated with wheel arches or bumper corners, sometimes if a bumper corner has been hit with a bit more force it may crack the bumper or put a hole in itcausing it to fall off the brackets, if this happens most bumpers can be plastic welded, repaired,painted and re aligned to leave the bumper looking like new.

  • Scuffs are a common repair on our customers cars
  • All scuffs can be repaired no matter what part of the car they are on
  • This type of scuff repair can be completed at short notice
  • Scuffs repairs can usually be started and completed in the same day
  • Scuffs
  • Wheel Arches
  • Bumper Corners
  • Cracked Bumper

Wheel arch and door scrapes repaired Leeds

Wheel arch and door scrapes are a very common car accident repair for United Garage.  There are many ways this can happen for example, scraping down the side of a bollard or reversing into a drive and catching the corner of a wall.  Sometimes people will bump against another car resulting in a dent as well as a scrape.  Most damage can be repaired at short notice and work is completed within 2 to 3 days.

We guarantee a colour match to your original car colour on every job.

Gate Post Scrapes Fixed at Leeds Car Body Repairs

Gatepost damage is a common accident that can happen when reversing out of your drive.  The damage caused by the gatepost can be a simple dent on the rear bumper to a scrape down the side of your doors or wheel arch.

Bumper repairs are one of the most common things we repair at the garage, not many days go by without us getting a call when someone has caught the edge of  their car on a gatepost, scraped it on the side of the wall on the garden drive or scuffed it on a bollard. We specialise in all kinds of bumper repairs including colour coding,whether the colour is metallic or pearlescent paint,we will always guarantee you a perfect colour match to the damaged bumper.

See the repair stages and finished job on a mercedes that caught both the wheel arch and rear bumper on a gatepost.

Private Car Paint Repairs Leeds

Every line of work you see see advertised on this website is available to the general public.

  • No Job is too small
  • All estimates and Quotations are FREE
  • No Obligation

Shopping Trolly Ding

Does your car look like it has been through a war zone at your local super market?  Lets us repair them super market dings and make your car look like new again.

Stone Chips

Stone chips on your bonnet from all that motorway driving? Lets us put the shine back into your sales car.


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